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Prophecy-David Terrell

Sat. PM, Sept. 24/2005-Bangs, Tx.

…Spoke of the end of the world, and the signs of My coming. Behold, the Day of the Lord is at hand! Even at the door! For as I look down upon the earth. And I look down upon, the people of America. I see, the evil of the land. And the evil of My people. I see the strife, and the envy, and the divisions among My people. I see the wickedness of America, and I see the wickedness of My people.

For behold, as I spoke, to Noah. That My Spirit shall not always strive, with man. For he is flesh. Nothing but flesh. And I God shall destroy both man and beast. Behold, it is time for My people to awaken themselves. To find grace. For even as I spoke to Noah. To prepare himself, for the great floods. I say to My people in this day. As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be. In the days of the coming of the Son of Man. As it was in the times of the cities of Sodom. They knew not, and fire fell from heaven and the floods came and took them away. Even so shall it be in these days. For I’m the Lord God. And I speak by My Messenger. And I’ve spoken through him to the nations of the world. And sent him to the far most parts of the world. To utter My Voice like a trump. And to sound an alarm and a awakening to My people. I’ve sent him to this place for these three days to awaken My people. Even though many did not gather. And many pastors did not take the time, to gather their people in.

But the Lord God, has spoken His Word. Soon, many will weep and howl. As you seen in New Orleans. And as the people of New Orleans was scattered, over the nation. Even again, as the peoples from Texas and Louisiana are scattered. But this is but a light thing, that I have done in the City of New Orleans. This is but a light thing. This is a small storm. For I the Lord God would move, the earth, out of its orbit. I will twist the earth on it’s axis. I will cause fear to come upon man and beast. For I the Lord God will not tolerate the evil of this day. And the evil of the nations of the earth. And the evil of this nation. I will honour My Name. I will be glorified in My commandments. I will be honoured in My Word. And I the Lord God, that spoke to Noah. To Abraham. I God that spoke to Moses. And the Prophets. Isaiah. Samuel's. Jeremiah. And Ezekiel’s. And others. I speak to this Servant this day.

For America, America! Your in the balances. I’m bringing you to your knees! Oh, you wicked, Church world. And you wicked, leaders of the nation. You’ve elected officials that are afraid, to put a just man on the Supreme Court. Hear you Me. For you’re court judges, have lorded your integrity. Broken My commandments. I say to this nation. I have begun to humble you to your knees. Oh, you abortionists. And you gay. And you that want to take My commandments out of the schools. And take God out of the pledge allegiance to the flag. And in God we trust on the money.

For I God send a great storm of disaster. Hear the Lord God the Almighty. For the Most High sends an earthquake to Washington, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, San Francisco. And all of the cities on the coast. Even into the very depths of Mexico. I God, will trouble, the great Pacific. The ocean floor will be troubled. Earthquakes beneath the ocean floor. From the Pacific. Even again in Indonesia. And Asia. Hear you the Lord’s Voice! The great Pacific shall roar with giant tsunamis. Europe. All Europe. For I God will send, an earthquake in Europe. That will bring disaster, to the nations. And the coastal cities. I will cause an earthquake that will shake the whole continent of Africa. Even shaking Europe. North Africa, and even into the depths of South Africa. I will shake the Balkans and the former Communists nations, and Russia. For I am the Almighty, and I will roar from the Gulf. I will roar from the Atlantic. I will shake, the equator. I will shake the North Pole. And the South Pole.

For you cannot, even imagine in your heart, that your winter house will be smitten with your summer house. And your summer house with your winter house. I will shock, the nations of the earth. For great catastrophic death. In the magnitude of death, that will shock the world. For I will bring such death and destruction. For I look upon the earth. I look upon North America. South America and the Islands. Europe, And Eastern Europe. And Asia. And Indonesia. I look upon the peoples of the earth. They have transgressed My laws. They have worshipped, the creatures, rather than the Creator. Oh you Christian nations. You’ve built your houses. Spent millions, to build your houses. Your Churches. But you have worshipped in a form of godliness. You’ve denied the power of the blood. The power that is in the preaching of the Cross. You people are not transformed and translated from darkness to light. And translated into the Beloved Son. You’re a wicked. You Christian nations, you’re wicked! You nations that worship idols. And you Arab Nations, that hate Jesus. And take idols over Jesus.

I God, would speak My Word that the ends has come. Upon the four corners of the earth. Wrath and destruction. And I say to My people all over the earth. Especially on the West Coast. The East Coast. The Florida Coast. The Mexico Coast. The Gulf Coast. Great death! Roaring waves! From the four corners of the earth and the coastal cities. Inner cities will burn with fire. I will send asteroids and mountains. I will cast mountains upon the earth. I will cast, great wrath into the rivers and the fountains of waters. I will cast great asteroids into the oceans. I will turn the earth and shake it and turn it upside down. And the earth will reel and rock like a drunk. Like a cottage that’s been moved. Oh hear the Voice of the \Lord. Oh you people in California. And Oregon. For even for 15 to 75 miles of that coast I will bring death and hell and destruction. Oh you people, of the Mississippi Valley. From on into Canada and to Alberta. I send judgment. I’ll shock. Rock Mount Eagle. I’ll shock the Mississippi floor. Hear you the Lord! For the nations of the earth and America, has fallen into the hands of an angry God! Two thousand years I’ve stretched out My hands to you. Two thousand years. My Son Jesus have been lifted up to draw all men unto Me. But they have not come.

I have said come. But they have made excuse. I have my houses. I have my farms. I have my business. I cannot come. Now your houses. And your cities. And your nations. Your houses are left unto you desolate. Oh the Lord God would speak, that the cities, will lay waste. And without habitation. New Orleans is a little sign. But cities of the nations shall fall! Mountains shall move out of their place. Islands will disappear into the sea. Roaring waves at the speed of thousands, and hundreds and hundreds, and thousands of miles an hour. Roaring waves so high. Oh I say unto My people as I said unto Noah. After a hundred years, of Noah. Warning the old world, and building the ark. A preacher of righteousness. I said to that righteous man. Come Noah, into the ark. For thee, for you I have found righteous before Me. Bring your wife, and your sons and their wives. Bring seed. Keep seed alive. Oh, I sent out a call to My people. Come into the ark. Come into the Holy Ghost. For your kept by the power of the Holy Ghost. Come into the Holy Ghost. Come My people, into your sacred chambers. And shut your door about you. Come into this place of the whole armour of God. That you may stand, and withstand, in the day of this evil. Having done all, to stand. You shall still stand. Oh, for this is a day. Enter into this place. Shut your door about you. Can’t you see that the handwriting is on the wall?

You clergymen’s. I say to the clergymen’s across America and the face of the earth. You make excuse. You say to your people, this is not the anger and the judgments of God! But as I spoke, to Isaiah. That when My blessings. When My favours in the earth, they will not pray to God. But when your judgment and your wrath is in the earth, they will pray to God. They did not pray in New Orleans. Only a handful. They did not pray, over this last roaring, of the winds of the sea. They did not pray, when I visited San Francisco. But this time. They did not pray, 9 11. and stay faithful to Me. But this time, America. Your dead will be such a calamity. Europe, your dead will be such a magnitude of death. India. Australia. Asia. Indonesia. Malaysia. Your death, will be such a magnitude of dead and the Hawaiians. Japan. For an angry God!

Oh My people. My people. My people! Hear you Me! You United States of America and Canada! You sitting on the bar. The judgment bar. The judgments of the Almighty. The Spirit of judgment, even now enters into the houses of God. And if My judgment begin at the house of God, what shall happen to the ungodly? And to the sinner? If the righteous scarcely. Those that are praying therefore always. If they scarcely escape. Where will the ungodly and the sinner be? Oh you backsliders. Oh you Church members. And even you among this people. You got sin in your hearts. You won't humble yourselves. You let all of these spirits live in your tabernacle. You hold grudges in your heart. Waken yourself. Even in this place, this night. Some of you, you will howl and you will weep for the misery. And the people in this area. For there is hundreds and even thousands of backsliders, in these areas. Hundreds and hundreds in this areas. Even preachers that have turned away from this Word of God. But a great howling! For they will howl like coyotes. Howl like wolves.

Oh you wicked Shepherds, and you false prophets. You televangelists. You will howl and you will weep, for your misery. But the Lord God had said your stink, shall come up our of your decayed bodies. For dead bodies will be everywhere. The earth will not cover her dead. America will not be able to cover here dead. Soon there shall be such magnitude of death across the face of the earth. You will see mass graves and bulldozers. Covering up thousands and multitudes of thousands. Like dead animals. For the Day of the Lord. And I say again. I cut off the bread staff. I'll destroy both man and beast. For behold, sayeth the Lord. Come! For the Spirit of judgment. The Spirit of judgment, shall enter into every house of God. It is time, and high time, to awaken out o darkness. Rise and shine. Put off the works of the flesh. Put off your carnal man. Deny yourselves. Take up, your cross, and walk after Me daily. For a Remnant, I will spare.

Fire and destructions in the heavens. Fire in the heart of the earth. And all of My Prophets. From Enoch, unto these days that I speak. All of My ancient Prophets, their word. If you will read, as I have spoken to you. From Isaiah. From Jesus from the Mount of Olives. Paul, warning against, all of this homosexuality. Man lying with man. And woman with woman. All of this doctrine of fornication. All of this spiritual fornication. All this fleshly, evil. I have warned. If you would read My warnings. I have spoken to you. Given you warning, that the man of sin. The Antichrist! And I say to My true Church. My true people all over the earth. Great afflictions, and hardships and persecutions. Waits My people. As the early Church, was persecuted. As nations after nations, has persecuted. Soon a great persecution, on the face of earth. And Christians will not be recognized as human rights. They'll have no rights!

I say to My people, your kingdom is in Heaven. Your reward is beyond this life. You seek to lay up treasures in this world. But this world is not your kingdom. This world in not your home. Lay up your treasures in Heaven. Seek you the kingdom of Heaven and His righteousness. And the thing that you have need, to survive, will be added. But you have forsaken the fountains of Living Waters. You've done as the world has done. But return unto Me. And I will return unto you

For behold! From the four corners of the earth. From the north. From the west. From the south. From the east. And the nations of the world. My judgments shall come. For behold, you're going into an age of fearful signs. The whole heavens above ya, will be in a xxx behaviour. As it is written. In Rev. 6. Rev.'s 16. As it's spoken, in Matthews 24. Luke 21 and 25. Isaiah 2. Isaiah 13. And Isaiah 26. Isaiah 24, 29. Isaiah 34. Hosea 10. Joel 2. And Zechariah. As the horsemen’s and the chariots went forth, to quieten the wicked of the earth. For when I God get through, the wicked will be ashes. As I spoke by Malachi. And I the Lord spoke by Jeremiah and Ezekiel’s both. The sun and the moon will be confounded. The earth beneath ya, will move out of its place. Hear ye the Voice of the Lord. For the Day, of the soon coming of the Son of Man is even at the door.

But before the Lord Jesus comes. All of these things that My Servant has spoken. Prepare to meet your God. Oh, My people. My people. You’re weighted in the balances. You preachers are weighted in the balance. Oh My people. This modern day, woman’s world, your out of order with your evil of your abomination, clothing! The evil of your spirits. You men that\s took on that evil spirit, of gay. Oh you better wake up yourselves! For Sodom and Gomorrah will be a light thing. And the days of Noah, will be a light thing. For this time, a fourth of the world. The death angel. The death rattles, shall now, rattle, the land of civilization. And a fourth of the world’s population. Hear you Me sayeth God! For you My people. Hear you Me. For I am about to release. To release the Angels of the wind. The Angels of the earth. For I am God! I will rock, and turn the world, the earth, upside down! Many will blaspheme, Jesus. But I am God. And I will not repent, of this judgment that I am about to do! For this nation has gone to the point of no return. America, I told you before this last election. That the next five years. That the next President that will be elected. Will go through. Right here. America will go through such troubles. Already My judgments have begun. And this is just a drop in the bucket. For the Lord has spoken. For the Lord has spoken. Not many days from now, You will know that I the Lord have gathered you here, for these three days to awaken ya.

I say again, flee the cities. Flee the coastal cities. Get off the West Coast. Call, write, your relatives. Get off the West Coast. Get off the East coast. Get out of the lower lands of Florida. Get off the Gulf coast. Get out of the major cities. For I God, will destroy the cities. And My judgment will not be released till the cities will be empty. And that without man. For God has spoken it.

David’s Terrell’s Prayer for the Remnant

Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. Mighty God. Mighty God! I ask you right now. I want everybody that believes this, that receives this, just to hold your hand up. Mighty God! Right now, show them that this is My Spirit Lord. My heart is. I just couldn’t. I was so afraid! God, it is hard for me to speak. Lord, they have rejected this word for the last forty years. It used to be more easy in 66. When this word came. In the 60’s and the 70’s, 80’s. But now Lord,. Even in the 90’s. You helped us. But God, there is a spirit of opposing your Word. There is a spirit of opposing the Holy Bible. Father, in the Name of Jesus. Right now Lord. Those that do believe, and fear and tremble. Help them God, to get. To come thrown of grace. That they may obtain mercy. To help. Lord even tonight when I called them to the thrown of grace. Give them mercy, and grace. To help them, in time of need! God, we’re going to need You. Lord you said My arm is outstretched still. My hand is outstretched still. Even after you brought destruction, destruction, destruction. Upon Israel. Upon Egypt, and others. You said My hand is still outstretched still. God, you still will receive us if we’ll come unto you! But God, there is no alternative, if we don’t. In the name of Jesus. Oh God. Thank you Father. Oh Lord. Father, in Jesus’ Name.

I spoken all of this as God’s will. It seems like it is becoming more harder. Every time I have to speak like this it is becoming more harder. There’s been many times, to speak this word. It’s been harder for me tonight. But I feel clean before the Lord. I feel I’ll be justified when He judges me. Oh God! Don’t let a one, perish in destruction. Father, in Jesus’ Name.

I Feel led of the Lord to include the following portion
of David Terrell talking-Joshua

God bless this House. A refuge, in a time of trouble. God, you showed me many years ago, that one day there would be thousands that will try to come. But Lord, Mighty God! Mighty God! You know the Lord has showed me, that the enemies of America. Is planning, a nuclear attack upon this country. A secret. It is so secret, our intelligence don’t know it. There’s going to be a nuclear war! And you think these storms are something. There is going to be nowhere to run. People are going to be in fields. I saw people, going out where people had cows and just killing them. And building a fire and roasting, just skinning them. And taking there, roasting the beef. Right out in fields. Hungry. America’s going to be hungry. The world is going to be hungry. God is going…God is going to smite the food bank of the world.

I don’t blame it all on you pastors. I know you can’t get your people to work together. Even three or four families be living on one place. At the good will of somebody else. They will just not work together. They always griping. Can’t, can’t put their efforts together. You know, sometimes I had pastors that that tell me. They just. That the reason they quit urging the people. They just. They just couldn’t get nothing. There’s nothing but a confusion. But you talk about confusion. You heard the chaos after New Orleans. Blaming everybody but themselves. And they the only bunch, they them own selves, could have left. They tried to get them to leave. The Mayor offered them. Had 500 buses to get them to leave. They didn’t want to leave. God did have no pity. God is going to have no pity on you if you don’t wake up. God said that He would not have no pity . And that’s why I ain’t have no pity on you. God said that He’s laugh at their calamities. He rejoice when their fear comes. Laugh at their calamities. He said that they would call on Him but He would not answer them. They would seek Him and they would not find Him, because He reached out and they wouldn’t come!

All day long He reached out. It’s winding up. It’s winding down. The door, the Gentile age coming in, and all things that’s written then will be fulfilled. The Gentile age is almost closed. And God told me. And I saw Him gathering all prophecies, and all of His ancient men. I saw Jesus standing in a cloud, gathering all of the fragments. And all of the spoken word. Even some probably don’t have. All the fragments and the prophecies, and the scrolls of the prophets. And He looked at Me and said, ‘They all have been gathered in.’ All that’s been spoken. Then He looked at me, then He said. ‘All that you have spoken.’ And He revealed to me that there was a Valdez nearly a hundred years ago. He spoke. There was a woman in he 19th century. There was another one in the 18th century. All of these that spoke, in My Name. He said, all their words will be honoured, and I will gather in My Word. God is gathering in His Word. Thank you Lord! God, I can leave with clean hands. And you confirmed Your self this morning. Oh God, Lord, You’re going to honour the Name of Jesus. You’re going to honour Your Word. You’re going to xxx, all of your Prophets, that have spoken in your name. And spoken Your Word. And I heard a Voice. And I heard a Voice this evening. That said, as even Isaiah, spoke the Word. That Isaiah said in the Day of the Lord. They would, say, Speak not the Word of the Lord. Speak peace. Speak smooth things. We do not want to hear, a word of judgment.

***’When I was typing this out, I did not know that the Lord was going to speak again. But the Lord lead me to write out the man of God talking and that is when I discovered that God had some more things to speak, that He was not finished.’***

They’ll be no more smooth prophecies sayeth the Lord. They’re be no more, peace prophets. For I God shall cut them down! For My judgment will be so many! My catastrophic, catastrophic destruction. And the magnitude of My death and destruction. To the peace prophets and the smooth prophets. Will have to hide. For I God will bring a destruction upon Houston. I bring a destruction upon San Francisco. I bring a destruction upon New York, and Boston. St. Louis and Memphis. I bring destruction upon Tokyo. Upon the mainland China. Upon Taiwan. Upon India. Upon Europe. Of calamity and catastrophic destruction that will bog men’s minds! Trouble men’s souls. You will hear many say. This is Biblical! For I will cause the news people that this is biblical prophecy. This is Biblical Word!

For I God will bring Biblical destruction, that I have spoken, by My ancient Prophets! And if Job, and Daniel, or Samuels, or even Elijah, or Moses, was in the land and in the earth. I would not hear their prayer to spare and to hold back this judgment! I will only deliver them for their righteousness. I will not deliver this nation, and the nations of the earth from this destruction. Only the righteous that pray for his soul and his sons and daughters and his children. And his children’s children. I’ll only, reach out to his seed. For the Day of judgment, has come! Who may abide the Day of My Coming?! For the Lord has spoken! Thank you Lord. Thank you great Master.


  1. Thought you might find the following information helpful! Copy and paste the following URL in your browser's address bar:

    Scroll down just a little ways and you'll see,
    Bro. David H. Terrell a/k/a Daniel H. Ford was Convicted of tax fraud! and Bro. Barron who was pastor of Bro. Terrell's Bangs church committed perjury at Terrell's urging and was also Convicted!

    Many God fearing men and women tried to warn people that Terrell was leading them down a slippery slope, but Terrell and those benefiting from his ministry blacklisted anyone who dared to speak out against him. Many people, including myself, who were intimately involved with Terrell and his ministry can corroborate these and other disturbing facts!

    Terrell prophesied back in the 1970's that Richard Nixon would commit suicide over the Watergate scandal. It didn't come to pass.
    Terrell prophesied right after Pope John Paul I died in 1978 that Pope John Paul II would die in less than a year from taking office. It didn't come to pass.
    Many of Terrell's prophecies, too numerous to list, have failed.

    “And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken? When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.” (Deuteronomy 18:21,22)

    According the the scriptures, we are not to fear that prophet any longer.

    Check out this article before drawing a conclusion about David Terrell:

  2. Is it possible the Terrell was closer to the Lord in the early sixties and then fell away later, or is it possible he was slandered? In any case, hundreds of others have received visions and dreams that indicate essentially the same things Happening to America. I suppose God may have done this just to confirm that the visions and dreams were from God.

  3. he is just a con man.anyone who worked for or with him knows it.he is a womanizing theif of hearts and money along with stealing your self esteem and since of self. may he fry in ----.



  6. Is David Terrell alive today in 2017?

  7. Yes he is. He is still preaching Jesus, all I've ever heard him preach.

    1. Many who have claimed he was false have died, but he at 84 is still being Honored by God, still preaching almost every day of the year, still traveling to other countries. Isaiah was deemed false by many, as were many of the prophets. It comes with the territory. Everyone is so concerned about money, Have ye never read the talents of Gold given to prophets of old. It is no strange thing that thsoe who have come to know he is a prophet of God, have learned how you are to treat a prophet of God. Nevertheless when does he get to enjoy it? I follow his ministry all of my saved life and He's always gone, away, preaching at some church, some revival, in some country. I know other preachers who make millions who enjoy their millions daily, but we get Mad because others have chosen to honor this Prophet? Fools. Nevertheless, The Day will come when God will move David Terrell out of the way and all of the Word of the Lord spoken by all the Prophets will come like a broken dam and flood the Earth. In Those days you will pray for a man of God,a Seer and there will be none. Seek for the Holy Ghost and the Faith once delivered unto the Saints, Trust in JEsus Christ and the Power of the Blood. Get your eyes off man, and out of others business and seek your soul saving salvation with FEar and trembling, because as it was with Prophets of Old, those who did not believe, they believe in Hell now. When it becomes obvious to the non-believer - it will be too late.